Playing Around with System.Reactive Again

August 17, 2009

Further to my previous post, Erik Meijer commented that an overload to the FromEvent method is available to convert from generic event handlers to the specific ones used by much of the BCL. So the code from the previous post would look something like this now:

        #region Ctor
        public MainPage()

            var mouseEventSource = Observable.FromEvent<MouseEventHandler, MouseEventArgs>(
                eh => new MouseEventHandler(eh),    // Conversion
                eh => this.MouseMove += eh,         // Subscribe
                eh => this.MouseMove -= eh);        // Unsubscribe

            _mouseMoveSubscription = mouseEventSource.Subscribe(OnMouseMove);

        private void OnMouseMove(Event<MouseEventArgs> e)
            var position = e.EventArgs.GetPosition(this);

            Debug.WriteLine("Mouse moved.  Position: {0}.", position);

This solves one of my major gripes. Exciting times!


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